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RE: [IPk] Infusion set

> I'm using humalog, but i've been using it since Tuesday and i've never
> felt it sting at all up til the site change i did today

Quite a few people on the mail lists have complained about stinging 
from Humalog on a large bolus. Slowing the bolus or doing several 
smaller ones seems to minimize this effect. According to some people 
with this complaint, changing to NovoRapid helps or eliminates the 
stinging. Second hand info, I have no direct knowledge of this.


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> i changed my infusion site because it felt tender and it really> >
> stung when insulin went in.... but i changed it and it still is the> >
> same. Throughout the saline trial this has never happened, i don't> >
> understand but it doesn't feel very nice at all, i don't even want to>
> > eat anything to avoid boluses.>> > Usually insulin is less "stingy"
> than saline. Which of the insulin-> analogs are you using? Perhaps you
> should try one of the others.> > There are three: Humalog, NovoRapid,
> Apidra.> > Best regards,> Michael> .>
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