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RE: [IPk] Re: Light at the end of the tunnel?

Hi Jackie

I'll have a look what's going on.

 Yes Sasha disconnects before gymnastics but she does nearly 3 hours training,
its competition gymnastics.  We check before she takes the pump off and correct
if necessary.  It usually isn't.  Half way through,  about an hour and a half
later,  the class stop for a break and snack.  She checks her BG levels, gives
 herself a fixed prime, and now boluses a unit to replace the basal otherwise
goes high later.  When she was a bit younger she didn't really need to replace
the basal as such, but bolused for a snack and this was enough.  In fact it all
used to work out very well.   We used to get her to phone us up to tell us what
her BG level was when she was younger, but now she doesnt ring us unless there
is a problem.  When she puts the pump on at the end of the session she checks
again and does a fixed prime.  Sometimes a correction is needed but usually it
works out well.

 We also found that when Sasha was younger she would be more likely to go low
if she was going to be doing something like football or swimming for long we
used to giver her a snack without bolusing.  Its quite common for children to
 need a snack at this time. You could try turning the basal rate down before the
 activity but this isn't always convenient if something happens and its
at the last minute.

We do find that the activities have an effect on the overnight levels and on
Saturday evenings after gym which is from 1.30 to 3.30 pm, we find that her
insulin needs change and what we do is change the bolus ratio and put a temp
basal on at about 11.00 pm for a few hours.  If the BG levels are around at
11.00 pm (4.0 mmol - 8.0 mmols)  we might do something like put a temp basal of
10% on for an hour and a half.  This seems to work for us.  However there are
 folks on here. Usually adults that find that their BG levels tend to rise later
after exercise.  So it is a matter of seeing what works.

 When Sasha first got the pump we didn't use temp basals much at all. We now use
the a lot.  Especially if she is lowish at bedtime.  It save waking her up to
feed her or giving her lucozade through a straw.   Obviously if her BG levels
was below 3.8 mmols we would give her a small amount of lucozade just in case
she was dropping fast.

I hope you get on fine with the Sils.

It takes a bit of practice.  Were you shown how to use one?  I think that they
come with a good set of instuctions.


> Hi Jackie J,
> I thought I had joined the CWD list (I can read the messages on there),
> but actually when I sent back the address verification I got a message
> saying "a list can't subscribe to itself" - not sure what I've done as
> I'm a bit thick when it comes to I.T.!!  Anyway if you could sign me up
> I'd be very grateful!
> Does Sasha disconnect for gymnastics?  Owain does but he only does an
> hour.  Interestingly he also disconnects for football and swimming, but
> in all three cases his BG's fall even while the pump is off, so I suppose
> a little insulin must sit in the tissues before getting absorbed.  He has
> variable after-effects from his different sports - all have an impact on
> that night's levels, but often he continues low into the next day.  We
> have experimented with temporary basals, but as you say the results are
> unclear when we get highs caused by site problems.  It was worse on
> injections - his glargine didn't last 24 hours and afternoon exercise
> would make him go high, followed by a crash overnight.  We used to give
> him extra injections of novorapid before exercise to help with this (much
> to the horror of his PDSN!) but it did help.  With the pump at least
> that's one problem he is no longer having - hooray!!
> The Silhouettes are due to arrive tomorrow so here's hoping!
> Thanks again,
> Jackie.
> .

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