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[IPk] Re: Light at the end of the tunnel?

Hi Jackie J,


I thought I had joined the CWD list (I can read the messages on there),
but actually when I sent back the address verification I got a message
saying "a list can't subscribe to itself" - not sure what I've done as
I'm a bit thick when it comes to I.T.!!  Anyway if you could sign me up
I'd be very grateful!


Does Sasha disconnect for gymnastics?  Owain does but he only does an
hour.  Interestingly he also disconnects for football and swimming, but
in all three cases his BG's fall even while the pump is off, so I suppose
a little insulin must sit in the tissues before getting absorbed.  He has
variable after-effects from his different sports - all have an impact on
that night's levels, but often he continues low into the next day.  We
have experimented with temporary basals, but as you say the results are
unclear when we get highs caused by site problems.  It was worse on
injections - his glargine didn't last 24 hours and afternoon exercise
would make him go high, followed by a crash overnight.  We used to give
him extra injections of novorapid before exercise to help with this (much
to the horror of his PDSN!) but it did help.  With the pump at least
that's one problem he is no longer having - hooray!!


The Silhouettes are due to arrive tomorrow so here's hoping!


Thanks again,

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