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[IPk] Re: Light at the end of the tunnel?

Thanks to everyone for your replies, and especially Marisa and Jackie for
reassuring us we're not the only ones to find it hard-going at first! 
(Jackie, I have registered with the CWD list as you suggested - thanks).


Owain uses a Medtronic Paradigm 522 with Quick-sets.  I have ordered some
Silhouettes to try as they have a flatter profile (wanted to try these
before but there was a mix-up with his PDSN and we got some polyfins - no
way would Owain try anything where the needle stays in!  Actually I
wasn't keen either because he has already managed to rip out a set just
by yanking his trousers down too fast!  He wears them on his butt (only
place he can use at the moment, and not much fat even there).  The
blistering has been associated with a gymnastics club he goes to once a
week - it seems that forward rolls etc. cause friction and pressure.  If
that still happens with the silhouettes he will just have to remove the
whole set before gymnastics and have a new one in afterwards.


I think Marisa hit the nail on the head talking about a strict routine. 
Owain does all sorts of after-school sports and activities, no two days
are the same, and it makes it very hard to see the wood for the trees. 
Also, being at school, some days he charges round the field like a madman
at playtime, others he sits around (this is much harder to gauge than a
regular type of exercise such as 1 hour of football).  If we have a week
of hot weather his sensitivity to insulin shoots up, then a couple of
days later he will need more again.  The hypos are all over the place and
for all sorts of different reasons, but erratic bursts of activity are
probably the leading cause.


If we get to the school holidays and haven't made any progress, we'll set
aside a week or two with a regular daily timetable and see if we can get
some kind of trend emerging!  (Then of course it will all change again
when he goes on holiday/back to school/gets a bug and we'll be back to
square one - but then that's the nature of diabetes I suppose!)


Thanks again for the tips,

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