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[IPk] Light at the end of the tunnel?

Hi everyone,


My son Owain (aged 7) has had his pump now for about 9 weeks, and after
the initial euphoria of finally getting one has worn off, we're beginning
to wonder how long it'll be before he sees some improvements in his
overall glycaemic control.  We didn't have unrealistic expectations
(despite all the wonderful stories from people whose life was turned
around overnight by their pump!), but it seems so far to be much harder
work than MDI with not much to show for it so far.


Owain tests about 15 times in a 24 hour period (including some overnight
tests that we do when he's asleep) which is twice as much as he did
previously.  He's also getting just as many hypos (about 22 a month). 
High BG's are much easier to sort out with the pump, BUT most of the
highs he's had have been due to problems with bent cannulas, blood in the
cannula, or site problems (most recently blisters which had burst and
formed a puddle under the cannula attachment, somehow preventing the
insulin delivery).  So the poor soul has had several injections over the
last few weeks!  Because so many of these out-of-range readings are due
to technical problems rather than diabetes management, we haven't been
able to establish any reliable trends to use for adjusting his basal


At clinic last week (resembled a revolving door - his consultant kept
saying "I'm very conscious of the time", obviously needed to get away
somewhere, but still took two calls on her mobile!) - she glanced at the
data we had and had no useful comments to make, aside from "you can
always go back to injections if you want to".  We don't want to!  Owain
loves his pump and we are determined to sort out the problems - we have
ordered some more different infusion sets to try and will keep on with
the round the clock testing.  But I was just wondering if anyone else had
a difficult time initially and how long it takes to start reaping the


Jackie  (tired and grumpy - sorry!!) 
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