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Re: [IPk] Is it wise to starting pumping BEFORE holiday?

Hi David
Pumping Insulin by John Walsh is the Pumpers Bible!!!  Definitely get 
hold of a copy of that if you can.
The other one sounds interesting, what's it called?

As for Morocco, just email me offlist with any questions that aren't 
As for hot weather, it's a very individual thing. I don't really need to 
adjust my insulin at all, unless I'm more active or eating different 
kinds of food. Some people are much more sensitive to hot weather (I 
wonder if it's related to how well you tolerate heat? I love it, so it 
doesn't seem to influence my levels).

david hales wrote:
 > Thanks again. I've been reading some books (on pumps that is, not Morocco
> and I came across an excellent one by Gabrielle Kaplan-Meyer. She is a writer
 > who happens to be on a pump, so it's an easy read. It covers all the
> that you are likely to have as a learner, and gives examples from real-life
> people. It IS American though, so the BG units have to be converted, and you
 > have to be aware of several other differences. But all in all, I can
> it. (and it only cost #1.94 plus #2.50 postage from a thrid party Amazon
> seller - Booksets.com.
> I also have another book which I found on Amazon - Pumping Insulin, by John
> Walsh. I haven't started this yet though 'cos my son bought me the "20 years
> with Brian Clough" for Fathers' Day!
 > I am sure I will have questions on Morocco - perhaps via another email
 > so that this forum doesn't become a travel shop (although some of my
> will be insulin-related, such as how much does the temperature affect the
> insulin requirement - I suppose it varies between people, but is it 10%
> lower...20%...50%? I have no idea).
 > I live near to Sunny Sheffield too - Denby DaleDavid Hales > Date: Tue, 17
> 2008 15:35:01 +0100> From: email @ redacted> To:
> email @ redacted> Subject: Re: [IPk] Is it wise to starting pumping
> have between getting the pump and > starting on it, even if it's only a day!
> At least you can practise > familiarising yourself with it (you might even
> want to try inserting a > set as practice!). I tried inserting a Softset with
 > no whanger (as I > didn't have one) when I first got delivery of my pump!
 > for fun as I > was curious!> > If you want to know anything about Morocco
> ask, as I've just been > there a few weeks ago.> Di> > david hales wrote:> >
 > Thanks very much for this Di. You confirmed what I was thinking - wait! But>
> it's hard to be patient when you are rarin' to go! I am looking forward to> >
 > using the pump, and I am hoping it can help to sort out my "spikes and
>> ;>).> >> > I am looking forward to the trip too! But I think I'll stick with
> the jabs> for> > now.> >> > Thanks again for this specific help and all your
> other replies to many others> > in the group.David Hales > Date: Tue, 17 Jun
> 2008 12:06:01 +0100> From:> > email @ redacted> To:
> email @ redacted> Subject: Re: [IPk]> Is> > it wise to starting
> pumping BEFORE holiday?> > Insulin Pumpers is made> > possible by your tax
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>>>>> eliminate this header from your IP mail> > Hi David> If you start on
> the pump> > at least 2 weeks in advance of going on > holiday, then I'd say
> you'll be> > fine. I wouldn't advise starting say a > week before you go
> though. If you> > know that your control goes AWOL > during hot temperatures
> then I wouldn't> > start the pump then. Also, for > the first couple of weeks
 > at least, I think> > you'll want to be within > easy reach of advice from
> this list, and> > hospitals (just in case) - > and I wouldn't recommend
> Morocco as a good place> > to be ill.....> I've just been to Morocco a couple
 > of weeks ago and it was> > certainly an > interesting experience (I
> any pump problems despite> > getting > food poisoning). But the risk of food
> poisoning / dodgy stomach is> >> > pretty high there, so again not an ideal
> time to be starting on a pump > I'd> > say.> Di> > > david hales wrote:> > I
> am awaiting delivery of a Accu-chek> > Spirit pump, but I go on holiday to> >
> Morocco mid-July. Would it be more> > sensible to wait until I come back
 > before> I> > start on the pump (if it> > arrives in time), or would it be
> to cope with> > learning the routine in> > the very hot temperatures?> >> > I
> would be grateful for any advice or> > experience on this, thanks.> > David
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