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Re: [IPk] Is it wise to starting pumping BEFORE holiday?

It's the longest wait you'll ever have between getting the pump and 
starting on it, even if it's only a day! At least you can practise 
familiarising yourself with it (you might even want to try inserting a 
set as practice!). I tried inserting a Softset with no whanger (as I 
didn't have one) when I first got delivery of my pump! Just for fun as I 
was curious!

If you want to know anything about Morocco just ask, as I've just been 
there a few weeks ago.

david hales wrote:
> Thanks very much for this Di. You confirmed what I was thinking - wait! But
> it's hard to be patient when you are rarin' to go! I am looking forward to
> using the pump, and I am hoping it can help to sort out my "spikes and dykes"
> ;>).
 > I am looking forward to the trip too! But I think I'll stick with the jabs
> now.
> Thanks again for this specific help and all your other replies to many others
> in the group.David Hales > Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2008 12:06:01 +0100> From:
 > email @ redacted> To: email @ redacted> Subject: Re: [IPk]
> it wise to starting pumping BEFORE holiday?> > Insulin Pumpers is made
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> eliminate this header from your IP mail> > Hi David> If you start on the pump
> at least 2 weeks in advance of going on > holiday, then I'd say you'll be
> fine. I wouldn't advise starting say a > week before you go though. If you
> know that your control goes AWOL > during hot temperatures then I wouldn't
> start the pump then. Also, for > the first couple of weeks at least, I think
> you'll want to be within > easy reach of advice from DSN, this list, and
> hospitals (just in case) - > and I wouldn't recommend Morocco as a good place
> to be ill.....> I've just been to Morocco a couple of weeks ago and it was
> certainly an > interesting experience (I didn'thave any pump problems despite
 > getting > food poisoning). But the risk of food poisoning / dodgy stomach is
> pretty high there, so again not an ideal time to be starting on a pump > I'd
> say.> Di> > > david hales wrote:> > I am awaiting delivery of a Accu-chek
> Spirit pump, but I go on holiday to> > Morocco mid-July. Would it be more
> sensible to wait until I come back before> I> > start on the pump (if it
> arrives in time), or would it be easy to cope with> > learning the routine in
> the very hot temperatures?> >> > I would be grateful for any advice or
> experience on this, thanks.> > David Hales> .>
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