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Re: [IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V3 #1385 - Complications

Hi,no I test 3 times at set points every day,during times of increased
activity maybe up to 6 times in total.I feel in tune with my diabetes to high
and low bloodsugars.I would suggest anybody who is not quite as sure about
their diabetes to perhaps test a bit more.My hba1c levels are usually around
6.8-7.2.I purposely run my diabetes at this level taking into account my job
as an electrician,which can be quite physical at times.Hope this

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Hi Michael
Do you only test 3 times a day? That seems quite dangerous if you're on
a pump, as you could be high for hours and not know.

> hi laura,I sometimes get these symptoms that you mentioned and I agree it
> make you thinmk.I have not mentioned to consultant as yet. I have no
> complications that I know of and have had diabetes type 1 for 24 years,been
> an insulin pump for about 5 years now.I am 33 and my diabetes does not stop
> doing anything.My tip for everyone is watch fatty/sugary foods particularly
> evening and where you can,exercise regularly.I test as a rule when I get
> up,maybe once through the day and before bedtime,hope this
> helps,regards,Michael.
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