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[IPk] Re: legs

Hi Deb, 
 Weird that you should post this today, as I woke up in the night with bad
cramps in my leg, which hasn't happened before. The cramps have continued today.
I've also had some weakness in my leg for the last few weeks but I thought I'd
just been overdoing it at the gym :-/
 I don't think it's circulation as I don't have any tingling. I'm vegetarian so
it could well be anaemia (though I do love spinach).
Will probably go to the gp tomorrow just to get it checked out. 
IDDM 12 years, 508 7 years, 522 5 months, vegetarian 15 years

Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2008 15:17:30 +0100
From: "deb.wardle123" <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V3 #1385 -  Complications

Hi Laura

I suffer loads from this. Infact last night I barely slept for pain, 
tingling and jerking movements in my legs. I get loads of cramp and numbness 
too. I suffer from dehydration, even though I drink a lot of water, my GP 
says this could be a reason for the sensations. My consultant says that it 
is neoropathy and has put me on meds for this, not that it make smuch 
difference. Also I am anemic, and I am waiting for an Iron transfusion, and 
I was told at the hospital that dehydration and the sensations in my legs 
are symptoms of anemia. When I was in hospital I had severe cramp and a 
"dead" feeling in my legs, it was really weird and extremely painful,
gave me an injection of potassium. they checked my potassium levels and said 
that I needed to up the amount of potassium in my diet.

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