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Re: [IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V3 #1385 - Complications

I used to work with a type I who never tested either and when I asked 
him why not, he said it was because it hurt! Despite all my offers of 
help, e.g. for him to try out my "whanger" he wouldn't be convinced, 
although I think the real reason was that he couldn't be bothered. 
However he used to regularly fall asleep in the afternoons at his desk, 
I am sure from high blood sugar, and his control seemed pretty bad, but 
he clearly wasn't interested in any help or in doing anything about it. 
I gave up as he wasn't exactly a friend anyway, but if it's a friend 
then I would keep trying subtle ways to help put them on the right 
track. Not easy though as it's more about changing someone's attitude 
than anything else. And it's easy to be seen as interfering.

deb.wardle123 wrote:
> Hi Diana
> I see your point about age, my mum is 70 and lives on fried and fatty 
> foods and can't see why her GP has put her on meds for cholesterol she 
> also smokes like a trooper, but that has nothing to do with her chest 
> infection!
> One friend is type 1 the other is type 2. We were on a camping holiday 
> with the type 1 a while ago and I tested just before lunch, when I 
> asked her why she wasn't testing she said she hadn't even took her 
> testing equipment on hols with her because there was no point as her 
> BM's were always in range.
> I am not purposley eating low carbs all the time, but I am having real 
> problems with fluctuations in readings that, being as that my BS were 
> pretty stable(due to constant testing and running on a temp basal) at 
> the time, and because we were still likely to be out for a few hours I 
> didn't want to tempt fate by eating thinsg like rice and pitta breads 
> so I had salad.
> Deb
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