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[IPk] RE: ip-uk-digest V3 #1388

Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2008 19:12:13 +0100
From: "Jackie Jacombs" <email @ redacted>
Subject: RE: [IPk] Summer Camps

Hi  Karen

It puts our efforts in the UK to shame.  This year DUK has turned down a
because they have an insulin pump and there is no one prepared to take on
responsibility.   They wont take pumpers at many of the venues.     Yes John
Davis has spoken to DUK about this.  Some other children in the past who are
 pumpers didnt not have a very good time when they went as a pumper on one
DUK childrens holidays.

What is the cost of these type of holidays.  I know many of the members of
CWD US parents list send their kids every year.  Do you pay by the week?
long do most children stay for?


Hi Jackie

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner... the camp for 1 three-week
session is about 2400 dollars and includes everything and all medication.
They let you pay over a 12 month period, which is what we do, so that makes
it a bit easier. Sarah knows kids at Sweeney that have been going every year
since they were 6. It's like a kind of separate family... it take hours for
her to say goodbye at the end of a session..all the kids of all ages, both
boys and girls are hugging each other and crying. Sarah keeps in touch with
so many kids and councilors it's almost a full time job! The standard
session is 3 weeks... as its educational as well as fun, usually only the
third session coincides with our school holidays (as in Texas they break up
much earlier and go back in mid-august). This year Sarah is doing 2 sessions
as I'm not bothered about her missing the last week of school (as she leaves
this year) and anyway couldn't go on the Isle of Wight weekend without me or
Yossi and her sleeping with us not her classmates. They only charge $400
(dollars) for a second session, so it's really worth it.

I though you knew we took Sarah each year.. we'd be happy to take Sasha
along with us if you were happy with that. In fact, the first week Sarah
started pumping I was contacted by a mum on the POP-list.. her daughter,
also Sarah started pumping on the same day and they were born in the same
week. To cut a long story short, we emailed frequently and she found the
camp as she lives nearby. When she suggested it, it seemed a long way off
and when the time came , we just took the plunge.  So the first year.. off
we flew to stay with a family we'd never met and we sent our Sarah's to camp
together. The girls get on well, our sons do to and we've become great
friends also... Sarah is literally counting the days until June 28th when
Yossi will fly her out.. he flies back on the 29th. We will go over mid-July
and get Sarah back for 1 weekend in between sessions (to do her laundry) and
then she goes back for another 3 weeks. This year our son (non-diabetic) is
also going and will do a mentorship program there. He's 16 and wants to
study medicine, so this counts as work experience for him. They only take
non-diabetic kids if they are siblings and they too must do all routine
blood tests and eat set meal plans just like the "normal" kids there.

Take care

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