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RE: [IPk] US summer camps

Hi  Karen

I does open your eyes to how things could be done here.   I would definately
send Sasha to somewhere like that if there was only somewhere as good here.

That's terrible about the Isle of Wight and them expecting you to pay to go as
well as be a carer!!   Sasha did have to share a room with Terry because they
 would not allow males in the female part of the building. Though to be fair the
school didn't know this before hand and it had been planned that Sasha would be
 in with her friends. I didn't go because my arthritis wasn't so good at the
 of the trips. On the last trip Beckie was most put out because they said, due
 to the numbers and rooms etc that both of the twins had to be in Terry's
It was too late to change things then.  Though Terry never had to pay to go
they said he was down as a carer and didn't have to pay.  In the end the twins
were downstairs with all their friends until quite late each night and managed
to get a reasonable nights sleep whereas the other kids were shattered all week
because they didn't sleep.

There are an awful lot of parents who are having problems with funding for
school support.  Hundreds of them!! Only one child I know has a statement and a
few have grudgingly been put on School Action or School Action plus   (if they
are lucky and kick up a fuss for months) and the odd one or two have 10 - 15
hours funding for support.  Most have nothing.  Do you really want me to direct
them to all to you?


> About US diabetic summer camps. Please note my posting referred to Camp
> Sweeney in Gainesville Texas. My daughter's friends in the US do have
> experience of other camps, but their consensus is that Sweeney is best. Over
> the 3 week program alot of emphasis is placed on educating the kids about
> diabetes, diabetic management and complications.. all in a fun and rewarding
> way.
> All the major drug companies help sponsor Sweeney and provide tests strips,
> insulin, lancets etc.. Sarah leaves each year with a bags of freebies from
> Roche, Animas, Bd etc/. The local ranchers provide free cows (for steaks,
> BBQ's, burgers etc), the local cinema gives them free movie trips, the local
> bowling club  bowling, even a fair ground comes and sets up in the camp
> grounds for 1 night per session.. etc. The top endos and diabetic
> specialists also donate their time. Sweeney therefore has amazing facilities
> and is run as a non-profit making organisation. From experience.. it seems
> that the Texans are more charity-minded than here in the US and I suspect
> this is why we don't have such special dedicated facilities here.
> They test Sarah's blood continuously, including as many times during the
> night as they deem necessary, which with Sarah's lack of hypo awareness is
> at least 3 times during the night. Yes I wish we had a similar facility
> here, but we have also made many, many good friends over the years going to
> camp and somehow the Americans seem to have a much more positive approach
> than us. Sarah is doing 2-three week sessions back to back this year and
> leaves on June 28th. She's missing the last week of school because the
> school is doing a 3 day trip to the Isle of Wight.. Sarah could be allowed
> to go only if my husband or I accompanied her AND she would agree to sleep
> in a cabin with us not her school friends.. and they wanted #200 each for
> that too.
> Any mums having problems with school care/nursery care, please contact me..
> Sarah has a 33 hr full time carer funded by the local authority under a SEN
> statement. Anyone wanting to get their young kids Statemented can contact
> me.
> Karen Persov
> .

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