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[IPk] Re: sets

Hi Laura,

I don't think there are any general rules, it seems
to be a very individual matter - it depends on the
person, and may be different for the same person at
different times in their life, and with different

Some people seem to be able to go 3 days or even
more without sets deteriorating and blood sugars
going up, while other people have to change the set
every 2 days or even more frequently to avoid skin
irritation and/or rising blood sugars. I found that
when I was changing sets twice a week (so every 3
and a half days), blood sugar often started to go up
during the extra half day, and so now I have
switched to every 3 days (though I find it more
difficult to remember than at fixed times each
week!). I also find that when I am eating a lower
carb diet, so having reduced insulin needs (for me
this affects basal as well as bolus very quickly),
then I can get away with a slightly longer time
between set changes.

So it is best to look clearly and honestly at what
is happening to your blood sugars, and don't be
frightened by any blanket rulings from doctors and
pump companies.

Good luck,

>From: Laura Anne Winter
<email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IPk] Sets
>I change my sets every 3 days, but have been told
to do it
every 2 because the
>set starts to detiriate and the pump company has
told my Dr
>Has anyone experienced higher bloods on the day of
a set
change? Before the
>set has been changed.
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