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Re: [IPk] Summer Camps

Thanks for the link to the US camps list - very helpful! We are however
warming to Camp Sweeney, the one Karen mentioned - nothing like a personal

It is incredible, as you state, how the standard of care on a US holiday
camp differs so greatly from the care we can expect from our schools in this
country. As you know, Alice is very fortunate, with a very small school who
have chosen that all staff be trained to care for Alice's daily needs. The
CWD list only too often illustrates that there are too many inconsistencies
in schools, and that it is many of our children who are getting a rough


On Sat, Jun 14, 2008 at 5:57 PM, Jackie Jacombs <email @ redacted>
> Hi Angie
> Here is the page on the US CWD website about the camps.  If you decide an
> area
> you would like to visit then I can always enquire from other members on the
> US
>  parents list about which camps they recommend. I dont know how soon you
> have to
> book up but I think that Jeff Hitchcock send a reminder out in the "What
> new in
> Diabetes" email that he complies, quite early in the year for people to
> book up
> it they want their child to go to camp.  I know many do.
> http://www.childrenwithdiabetes.com/camps/index.htm
> Also see this statement from the ADA.
> "To ensure safety and optimal diabetes management, multiple blood glucose
> determinations should be made throughout each 24-h period: before meals, at
> bedtime, after or during prolonged and strenuous activity and in the middle
> of
> the night when indicated for prior hypoglycaemia (bedtime blood glucose
> levels
>  <100 mg/dl [5.6 mmol/l]), after extra doses of insulin, and if the
> parent/camper
> so requests. Children should be encouraged to check blood glucose levels at
> other than routine times if they have symptoms of hypo/hyperglycemia or if
> they
> have other physical complaints."
> Can you imagine this happening in the UK when so many DSNs and consultants
> dont
> recommend night time testing, let alone schools staff taking this on!  Some
>  consultants (Plymouth and Wales) saying that children don't go low in the
> night,
> if they dont wake or have outward symptoms then they definitely aren't hypo
> and
> the meters are wrong!!  Oh and  CGMS was said to be wrong too, in one case
> http://www.childrenwithdiabetes.com/camps/d_07_103.htm
> If only we had this sort of attention available in the UK.
> I wish there were more places like the place where there are people like
> Neil.
> I was talking to one of the parents in my local parents group on Thursday
> evening and the parent was telling me that the nursery wont allow her
> daughter
> to attend as often as the other children the same age, because she has
> diabetes
> and needs more attention and they cannot get funding for more staff time.
>  Even
> the school she is to attend in September are talking about her only
> attending
> half days even though her friends will be full time much earlier.
> Diabetes
> Camp Holidays are probably the least of some parents problems.
> Another parent was told that her son was "Using his diabetes" to get
> attention
>  at school!!! The school have always refused to test him or help him test.
> When
>  he started to do his own tests the school would not report the readings
> over
> the
> phone to the mother.  The little boy had to do in in case the school made a
> mistake!!  The  school only started paying any attention to the boys
> diabetes
> care plan when another child with diabetes came to the school and had a
> full
> blown seizure one day.  After that they took things more seriously.
> Jackie
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> >
> > Yes, we also have always planned that Alice would to go on Diabetic camp
> > from 7yrs - I think it would be fantastic for her (and frankly fantastic
> for
> > us too!). It is only since she has been pumping (december) that we have
> > learnt of the problems some pumping children are facing with the DUK
> > holidays, and of course how they are massively oversubscribed - so a
> place
> > certainly could not be guaranteed for her. I have no doubt that the
> > situation will improve over time, but with Alice turning 6 in the next
> few
> > weeks, we are starting to have to think about the opportunities which may
> be
> > available next summer, which further explains why we are seriously
> > considering the US camps.
> >
> > Angie
> > Mum to Alice 5, dx 02/05, pumping Cozmo 12/07
> >
> > On Sat, Jun 14, 2008 at 4:25 PM, June Searle <email @ redacted>
> > wrote:
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