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RE: [IPk] Summer Camps

   Vhr`r nr Jackie Jacombs <email @ redacted>:

   Hi to everyone?

   I just wanted to ask you if  you have ever encountered problems
with the places where the cannula of the infusion set enters the skin
/under it/- such as  hard formations that make difficult insulin
resorption and unexpected high BGs?>

   I hope I managed to explain my trouble and wait for your advice, thanks!
> Hi Angie
> Here is the page on the US CWD website about the camps.  If you 
> decide an area
> you would like to visit then I can always enquire from other
> members  on the US
>   parents list about which camps they recommend. I dont know how
> soon  you have to
> book up but I think that Jeff Hitchcock send a reminder out in the 
> "What new in
> Diabetes" email that he complies, quite early in the year for
> people  to book up
> it they want their child to go to camp.  I know many do.
> http://www.childrenwithdiabetes.com/camps/index.htm[2]
> Also see this statement from the ADA.
> "To ensure safety and optimal diabetes management, multiple blood glucose
> determinations should be made throughout each 24-h period: before meals, at
> bedtime, after or during prolonged and strenuous activity and in
> the  middle of
> the night when indicated for prior hypoglycaemia (bedtime blood 
> glucose levels
>   <100 mg/dl [5.6 mmol/l]), after extra doses of insulin, and if the
> parent/camper
> so requests. Children should be encouraged to check blood glucose levels at
> other than routine times if they have symptoms of
> hypo/hyperglycemia  or if they
> have other physical complaints."
> Can you imagine this happening in the UK when so many DSNs and 
> consultants dont
> recommend night time testing, let alone schools staff taking this on!  Some
>   consultants (Plymouth and Wales) saying that children don't go low in the
> night,
> if they dont wake or have outward symptoms then they definitely 
> aren't hypo and
> the meters are wrong!!  Oh and  CGMS was said to be wrong too, in one case
> http://www.childrenwithdiabetes.com/camps/d_07_103.htm[3]
> If only we had this sort of attention available in the UK.
> I wish there were more places like the place where there are people 
> like Neil.
> I was talking to one of the parents in my local parents group on Thursday
> evening and the parent was telling me that the nursery wont allow 
> her daughter
> to attend as often as the other children the same age, because she 
> has diabetes
> and needs more attention and they cannot get funding for more staff 
> time.  Even
> the school she is to attend in September are talking about her only
> half days even though her friends will be full time much earlier. 
> Camp Holidays are probably the least of some parents problems.
> Another parent was told that her son was "Using his diabetes" to
> get  attention
>   at school!!! The school have always refused to test him or help
> him  test. When
>   he started to do his own tests the school would not report the
> readings over
> the
> phone to the mother.  The little boy had to do in in case the school made a
> mistake!!  The  school only started paying any attention to the boys
> care plan when another child with diabetes came to the school and had a
> blown seizure one day.  After that they took things more seriously.
> Jackie
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>> Sent: 14 June 2008 17:17
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>> Subject: Re: [IPk] Summer Camps
>> Yes, we also have always planned that Alice would to go on Diabetic camp
>> from 7yrs - I think it would be fantastic for her (and frankly fantastic
>> us too!). It is only since she has been pumping (december) that we have
>> learnt of the problems some pumping children are facing with the DUK
>> holidays, and of course how they are massively oversubscribed - so a place
>> certainly could not be guaranteed for her. I have no doubt that the
>> situation will improve over time, but with Alice turning 6 in the next few
>> weeks, we are starting to have to think about the opportunities which may
>> available next summer, which further explains why we are seriously
>> considering the US camps.
>> Angie
>> Mum to Alice 5, dx 02/05, pumping Cozmo 12/07
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[1] http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/donate.shtml
[2] http://www.childrenwithdiabetes.com/camps/index.htm
[3] http://www.childrenwithdiabetes.com/camps/d_07_103.htm
[4] http://www.avast.com/


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