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Re: [IPk] Summer Camps

Yes, we also have always planned that Alice would to go on Diabetic camp
from 7yrs - I think it would be fantastic for her (and frankly fantastic for
us too!). It is only since she has been pumping (december) that we have
learnt of the problems some pumping children are facing with the DUK
holidays, and of course how they are massively oversubscribed - so a place
certainly could not be guaranteed for her. I have no doubt that the
situation will improve over time, but with Alice turning 6 in the next few
weeks, we are starting to have to think about the opportunities which may be
available next summer, which further explains why we are seriously
considering the US camps.

Mum to Alice 5, dx 02/05, pumping Cozmo 12/07

On Sat, Jun 14, 2008 at 4:25 PM, June Searle <email @ redacted>
> Thanks Jackie.  I misunderstood and thought there were no more camps in the
> UK.  I think it is just terrible there should be so many problems for
> pumpers.  It's still diabetes and we are in 2008, not 1928.
> June
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> Sent: Saturday, June 14, 2008 12:08 PM
> Subject: RE: [IPk] Summer Camps
>   Hi June
>> They still do family weekend events which are still very popular, but
>> oversubscribed and once you have been once, its very hard to take a child
>> again
>> because they like newly diagnosed children to go. These are excellent in
>> my
>> view
>> and I wish they could have more of them. There is also a family week event
>> for
>> the whole family (or there was last year)
>> They also do holiday for kids only but only on one or two venues can
>> children
>> with pumps attend as they haven't been able to get medical professionals
>> with
>> pump expertise to take part.  I dont think that they are short of non
>> professional pumpers to help but have said that they need medical pros
>> with
>> pump
>> experience to volunteer.  These holidays are also nearly always
>> oversubscribed.
>> You can see the list of places here
>> http://www.diabetes.org.uk/How_we_help/Care-events/Childrens-holidays/
>> Jackie
>> Hi
>>> I found what you are saying about Summer Camps very interesting to read.
>>> Don't Diabetes UK still offer camps in this country?  I helped for 2
>>> weeks
>>> in 1967 and 68 and those camps were fantastic.  I was a mature diabetic
>>> student training to be a teacher, and this was a good way to spend the
>>> holidays as a volunteer.  I was allowed to take my 5 year old to join the
>>> young diabetics who were primary school age.  They all had a wonderful
>>> time
>>> almost flooding the school we were staying in.  We went on loads of
>>> visits
>>> and joined in various activities locally and of course had many hypos to
>>> contend with.  The doctors and nurses who accompanied the group were
>>> fantastic and so many children managed to start controlling their own
>>> diabetes and to understand so much about it.  If these no longer go on in
>>> the UK, I think it is a shame.  The American camps sound just wonderful.
>>> I
>>> want to know more as I think my local group would possibly save money to
>>> allow a child to go.  Of course the transport to America is the difficult
>>> part.  Don't keep discussion of this topic to yourselves in private
>>> discussion.  I am sure I am not the only interested person.
>>> June
>>> contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
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