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RE: [IPk] Summer Camps

Hi Neil

I am so pleased to hear that there are people like you about.  I would be very
 happy for Sasha to attend something like the courses you take part in running.
fact when Sasha was younger we had already mentally booked her on the DUK

 It is also great to hear that Gwent hospital do something like this for their
 children. That's fantastic. I know that there is another hospital up north who
also arrange trips like these.  However there are very few hospitals who do
 something like this and many schools are reluctant to take children on day
away even.  My husband went along with my daughter on two residential trips
 because the school or the centre would not do any night time BG checks and
has nil hypo awareness at night,  and before we started checking every night
Sasha had about 8 or 9 seizures because she does not wake when she goes low.
She also needs to have a Gluten Free diet and that proved very difficult to one
particular place to get their head around!!!

Some schools wont take kids on day trips because they do risk assessments which
conclude its not safe!!!  Dont get me started!!

Where is the centre that you work in?

Believe me UK CWD Advocacy Groups are working with INPUT  DUK and JDRF to try
and get better support for chidlren with diabetes in schools.

We were very disappointed/shocked that DUK wont take children on pumps on some
of their holidays anymore.  There are some holidays locations where they will
take pumpers in the north of the country.

>  It is a shame that some of you have stories like this because there
> are places
> in the uk that do not discriminate against pumping children. I am an outdoor
> education teacher working in a centre in south Wales I use a pump have been
 > diabetic for 30 years and have just worked on a weekend run by the royal
> hospital with 32 diabetic children aged 7 to 11 we took them
> climbing, canoeing
> on white water, gorge walking, mountain biking. All very well organised hypos
> galore but all managed 4 kids wearing pumps as well as myself. I also
> regularly
> have individual kids coming away with their schools from London to my centre
> with diabetes and are not stopped in any way by the school or
> ourselves, indeed
> the couple of cases I have heard about kids no able to come are because the
> parents will not allow the kids the freedom to experience a
> residential trip. I
> know it varies from school to school but we must allow kids to take
> risks and to
> manage themselves away from home if they are going to live life to
> the fulll. As
> diabetics I feel that we must push for good practise and the
> opertunity for kids
> to be allowed these trips.
> Neil
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> From: "Jackie Jacombs" <email @ redacted>
> Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2008 23:39:35
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> Subject: RE: [IPk] Summer Camps
> Hi Angie
>   Hmm somehow I dont see it happening here in the UK!! Too many health and
> safety
 > regulations, they probably couldn't get insurance...... If these camps hadn't
>  started up all those years ago, they may well have not been allowed
> today! All
> the worries about litigation.  However this is said partly tongue in
> cheek.   I
> am not sure why summer camps are so popular in the US when there are
> hardly any
> in the UK and those have only been around a while.   Perhaps those US parents
> could suggest why this is.
> Its bad enough trying to get schools to take kids away, even when the parents
> offer to come along.  I was out with my local diabetes group last
> night and one
> mother has an 8 year old son whose diabetes is quite difficult to manage at
> times and the school do not handle it very well at all and there have
> been some
 > very nasty incidents. So when a PGL holiday came up and was going to be 3
> hours (at least) drive away from where the parents live, they asked if one of
> them could be a carer on holiday.  Would just have to sleep in a room
> nearby to
> check at night which the school wont do.  Or even stay somewhere just nearby.
> Anyway the school told them that PGL will not allow parents on the holidays.
> Earlier this year I phoned PGL to check for myself as I thought it
> didn't sound
> right.  They confirmed that it was the school who allocated the places for
>   adults and it was entirely up to them to say who was coming. Nothing to do
> with
> PGL...........................  Adults in the UK do not like taking risks or
> putting themselves out for children!!
> The boy is now not going on the school trip as the parents do not trust the
> school as it is with them living fairly close to the school.
> As you know many children still face being excluded from school trips.  Sorry
> for the rant...............once I get started...
> I am sure that there are probably one or two UK summer schools/camps for
> children with different types of medical conditions but I would think that
> diabetes is one of the most difficult to deal with.  All those active
> kids, not
> confined to wheel chairs, or feeling unwell,   but still requiring complex
 > management of their condition. Quite difficult with the medication having to
> be
 > altered on a daily basic according to exercise and food intake. I take my hat
> off to those camps in the US who manage these camps so well.  I always here
> great reports from the US parents about their kids experience.
> Jackie
> >
> > Hi Jackie
> >
> > Sasha is very welcome to tag along! Somehow however, I think she would be
> > having too much fun herself to be worrying about Alice!
> >
> > So who is gonna start one of these 3 week long, fantastic, purpose built,
> > hospital on site, choice of 40 daily activities, personalised meal plans,
> > camps in the UK then?
> >
> > Angie
> > xx
> >
> >
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> > From: "Jackie Jacombs" <email @ redacted>
> > To: <email @ redacted>
> > Sent: Friday, June 13, 2008 9:12 PM
> > Subject: RE: [IPk] Summer Camps
> > >
> > > Hi Angie
> > >
> > > You dont want to take along a spare 14 year old to help look after Alice
> > > eh!!
> > >
> > >
> > > Jackie Mum of Sasha aged 14
> > >
> > >> Hi Karen
> > >>
 > > >> Thank you SO much for your glowing recommendation - we have been
> > >> about doing this for a while, and your comments may be what changes us
> > >> from
> > >> planning it to doing it! I have already read every page of the website,
> > >> and
> > >> the application form - Wow!! It looks fantastic! I just know that Alice
> > >> would love every minute....
> > >>
> > >> I will contact you off list in due course, as I do have some more
> > >> specific
> > >> queries.
> > >>
> > >> Many thanks again
> > >>
> > >> Angie
> > >> Mum to Alice 5
> > >>
> > >> contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
> > >
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