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Re: [IPk] Summer Camps


I found what you are saying about Summer Camps very interesting to read. 
Don't Diabetes UK still offer camps in this country?  I helped for 2 weeks 
in 1967 and 68 and those camps were fantastic.  I was a mature diabetic 
student training to be a teacher, and this was a good way to spend the 
holidays as a volunteer.  I was allowed to take my 5 year old to join the 
young diabetics who were primary school age.  They all had a wonderful time 
almost flooding the school we were staying in.  We went on loads of visits 
and joined in various activities locally and of course had many hypos to 
contend with.  The doctors and nurses who accompanied the group were 
fantastic and so many children managed to start controlling their own 
diabetes and to understand so much about it.  If these no longer go on in 
the UK, I think it is a shame.  The American camps sound just wonderful.  I 
want to know more as I think my local group would possibly save money to 
allow a child to go.  Of course the transport to America is the difficult 
part.  Don't keep discussion of this topic to yourselves in private 
discussion.  I am sure I am not the only interested person.


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> Hi,
> Just on the subject of Summer Camps, when I was diagnosed 23 years ago, I
> clearly remember they did do some sort of holiday club for diabetic 
> children,
> I was really excited at the thought of going away on holiday but it never 
> came
> off.   After years of diabetes and the toils and tribulations of teenage 
> years
> I would love to be a volunteer at anywhere where I could be of help, I 
> have
> two kids of my own aged 7 and 13 (non diabetic, although I keep a close 
> eye on
> my daughters blood sugar levels as they can go up to the 9's) so if you 
> know
> of anywhere I could be of use, please pass it on!
> xx melisa> From: email @ redacted> To: 
> email @ redacted>
> Subject: RE: [IPk] Summer Camps> Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2008 21:12:43 +0100> >
> Angie> > You dont want to take along a spare 14 year old to help look 
> after
> Alice eh!!> > > Jackie Mum of Sasha aged 14> > > Hi Karen> > > > Thank you 
> SO
> much for your glowing recommendation - we have been thinking > > about 
> doing
> this for a while, and your comments may be what changes us from > > 
> planning
> it to doing it! I have already read every page of the website, and > > the
> application form - Wow!! It looks fantastic! I just know that Alice > > 
> would
> love every minute....> > > > I will contact you off list in due course, as 
> I
> do have some more specific > > queries.> > > > Many thanks again> > > > 
> Angie>
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