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RE: [IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V3 #1385

Hi Carol

Sorry to hear that you have Parkinson's Disease to deal with too.  Do you take
medication for this?  Does it help?  What if anything does help and are there
group for fellow patients.  Do you have clinics and understanding consultants
etc.  What is provision like for people with Parkinson's?

If you feel I am been too nosey,   just ignore me.  I do like to know about
these things.  I dont want to be like some people who think they know all about
diabetes because their great aunty Fanny had it.   I know roughly what
 Parkinson's disease is, but I dont know anyone who has this or what treatment
offered to them.

>   Dear Mai-Ling,
>                         I was diagnosed a type 1 diabetic patient when I was
> 33 and now I am 66 having spent 1/2 of my life as a diabetic, I now have
> Parkinson's Disease, and Life as a Diabetic is doddle compared with that! In
> your thirties you can keep off the sugar quite easily even if you only have a
> modicam of self control. My eyes are still very good and also my kidneys and
> most other parts of me. What kills me about the Parkinson's is that it is
> progresive and there is nothing I can do about it . With Diabetes, if you
> follow the rulles nothing will happen to you, except the odd  'wobley' and as
> you are allready on the pump, you should not have too much trouble on that
> front. So, keep your chin up girl and you should outlive all of us! With best
> wishes from Carol Ann McCormack.33 yrs a diabetic 3 yrs on a minimed 508 pump
> (altho'they say they are going to change that shortly)
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