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Re: [IPk] Insulin needs dropping - why??

Hi Rosemary

I'm with you on this one!  The docs still haven't found a cause for my basal
drop (over the space of about a year) from 33u/day to 12u/day.  That's more
than seasonal fluctuation (indeed once it came down it stayed down
throughout the changing seasons).

My menopause happened in my teens so its not that.

I have just been tested a second time for Addisons and am waiting to hear
the results.  I would hope that if it was bad news, someone would have
contacted me rather than waiting for me to turn up at my next clinic
appointment - but sadly I'm not confident that that would be the case.
Curiously, the test I had recently had no effect at all on my blood glucose

I'll Skype you sometime for a chat.



2008/6/13 <email @ redacted>:

> Hi folks
> Just curious about what's going on. My insulin needs seem to be dropping
> radically at the moment - usually have a fairly consistent need for basal
> at
> about 15 - 20 units per day. At the moment I've cut it to 9.4 and am still
> having regular and daily hypos so may need to cut it further. 3iu of this
> is
>  Lantus and the rest Humalog via pump. Loads of hypos pm, but at other
> times as
>  well - have had to cut basal across the whole 24 hours. Have also changed
> wizard
> ratios but still to no avail.
> Obviously warmer weather may have an influence, but I've never seen it drop
> like this (except when I put the set at my ribcage, where absorption is
> scarily  efficient!!).
> Wondering about the menopause and whether maybe hormone fluctuations could
> be causing this??? Ideas anyone??
> Also getting scary spikes, no doubt related to the hypos.
> Rosemary
> .
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