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Re: [IPk] Actrapid

Five and a half weeks is not a fair trial for a pump under any
circumstances. It takes a lot longer than this to get things settled down.
Initially, and this was over four years ago, when I first started pumping, I
was on a three month trial, which is more realisitic. (The pump co actually
loaned the PCT the pump for this length of time). I'm sure not that much has

I don't know about the actrapid issue (but many on here do) but do know that
sometimes one insulin won't work well so you then try another..not discount
pump therapy altogether! (I had terrible problems with highs then crashing
disabling lows hours after bolusing Humalog. Changed to Novorapid and so
much better! Was becoming resistant to Humalog for some reason.)

I would contact John Davis or Input about this as I'm sure just a five week
trial is wrong. What happened in those five weeks?

Helen McC
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