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Re: [IPk] silhouettes and skin irritation

yes i am leaving them for 3 days (wasted so many quicksets when i was  
having no delivery prblems, was worried hospital was going to ask why  
i was getting through so many...) 'll try 2 days...
On 13 Jun 2008, at 11:04, Diana Maynard wrote:
> Hi Paula
> How long are you leaving the sets in for? Try reducing the amount of  
> time to 2 days insteadf of 3 perhaps?
> Di
> Paula Briggs wrote:
>> Hi, have recently changed to silhouettes after the quicksets were  
>> causing me delivery problems (I'm quite thin). My control is better  
>> with the silhouettes and i don't get the twinges of pain as I did  
>> with the quicksets when they touched muscle, but I have noticed the  
>> site points are quite sore - with quicksets i just had a small red  
>> mark on removal - with these I have a more inflamed, hard area -  
>> which never seems to need treating (goes away in a couple of days),  
>> but my body defintely doesn't like the slightly bigger (thicker?)  
>> needle.
>> Any other options? similar experiences?
>> many thanks Paula
>> Type 1 since 2001, pumping since april 2008
>> .
> .

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