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[IPk] Insulin needs dropping - why??

Hi folks
Just curious about what's going on. My insulin needs seem to be dropping  
radically at the moment - usually have a fairly consistent need for basal at  
about 15 - 20 units per day. At the moment I've cut it to 9.4 and am still  
having regular and daily hypos so may need to cut it further. 3iu of this is  
 Lantus and the rest Humalog via pump. Loads of hypos pm, but at other times as
 well - have had to cut basal across the whole 24 hours. Have also changed
ratios but still to no avail.
Obviously warmer weather may have an influence, but I've never seen it drop  
like this (except when I put the set at my ribcage, where absorption is 
scarily  efficient!!).
Wondering about the menopause and whether maybe hormone fluctuations could  
be causing this??? Ideas anyone??
Also getting scary spikes, no doubt related to the hypos.
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