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RE: [IPk] RE Actrapid

Thanks Sue and Di for your replies.
Was/am hoping that it gives me a reason for getting my pump back.
 Perhaps my dsn was right but as you get shouted down if you dare to disagree, I
wanted to make sure.

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This used to be the case but is no longer actually true (I am almost 99% 
sure about this), there are people now who use Actrapid in pumps with no 
problem. I think it is due to the change in design of modern pump tubing 
(I'm sure Michael or Melissa can tell you more). The late John Neale 
switched to Actrapid in his pump because he was worried that Humalog 
might have caused his cancer, although there was no evidence of that as 
such. He had no problems other than having to deal with the delayed 
action of Actrapid. If you're still worried, I guess you can still get 
hold of buffered short-acting insulin which is like Actrapid in action.

Sue wrote:
> No Actrapid can not be used in a pump. It has no phosphate buffer so it could
> precipitate in the tubing and canula.
> This is nothing to do with NICE it is what the manufactures say also it is
> stated by the BNF
 > Read the patient insert with your actrapid it should be on there somewhere.
> not go to the manufactures web site it is def on there as it is on the BNF
> site.
> .
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