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Re: [IPk] Re:Animas vs Minimed Pump (for Rich)

I'd be interested to know of anyone's experience with the Minimed pumps 
and the Sport guard and watersports. It's the one thing I've put off 
doing since getting the pump (stuff like activity holidays where you 
could be in the water most of the day, canoeing etc.) although I know I 
could go on MDI for the day or the untethered regimen, I just can't be 
bothered to figure it all out when I have such good control on the pump!
Like Rich if I'm just going surfing or swimming or whatever for a couple 
of hours I just reconnect every so often to check and bolus.

Rich Hickey wrote:
> Hey Joel,
> I haven't tried the Sport Guard yet. When I was playing in the waters of
> California they didn't have, or I didn't know about, the sport guard for my
> pump. It would have made surfing a lot easier. I always took the pump off to
> go surfing for an hour, came it, poked my finger, hooked up and did a small
> bolus, then went back out.
> As for diving with the dry suit, Medtronics reply to that was basically, "We
> have never tested the pump in those conditions and highly recommend that you
> don't try it."
> I figured they were probably right. I had no idea what 3 atmospheres would do
 > to pump delivery and thought, dying to find out just wasn't worth the
 > (-: I instead learned what my blood sugars did with exercise and being off
> pump for an hour. That and my dive partner new ALL about what to do if I went
> belly up under water.
> Rich
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