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RE: [IPk] Re:Animas vs Minimed Pump (for Rich)

Hey Joel,

I haven't tried the Sport Guard yet. When I was playing in the waters of
California they didn't have, or I didn't know about, the sport guard for my
pump. It would have made surfing a lot easier. I always took the pump off to
go surfing for an hour, came it, poked my finger, hooked up and did a small
bolus, then went back out.

As for diving with the dry suit, Medtronics reply to that was basically, "We
have never tested the pump in those conditions and highly recommend that you
don't try it."

I figured they were probably right. I had no idea what 3 atmospheres would do
to pump delivery and thought, dying to find out just wasn't worth the attempt.
(-: I instead learned what my blood sugars did with exercise and being off the
pump for an hour. That and my dive partner new ALL about what to do if I went
belly up under water.


> From: email @ redacted> To: email @ redacted> Subject: RE:
[IPk] Re:Animas vs Minimed Pump (for Rich)> Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2008 12:30:00
experience of using the Minimed Sport Guard (waterproof> case)?. I am due to
start pumping with a MM522 next month (at my clinic it's> a choice of Minimed
or nothing). I have done a fair number of beach/water> related activities over
the years and a waterproof case sounds like it> should save some
disconnections. > > > > BTW, I did get sent info from several pump
manufacturers and Animas> specifically point out that the 2020 is only
waterproof to 12 feet and> therefore not suitable for SCUBA diving. I guess
that even under a drysuit,> at 30 m the pump would be experiencing 3 bar. > >
> > Joel> .> ----------------------------------------------------------> for
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