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[IPk] Re: Animas vs Minimed Pump and other pumps

Just to say that I am currently analyzing the
bubbles survey which many of you helpfully
participated in. The results are taking a long time
to finish analyzing, partly because life for me has
been very busy, but partly also because the
differences between pumps etc have turned out to be
subtle and not clear-cut. In particular, there is no
evidence to show that all Minimed pumps have many
more problems with bubbles than other pumps, though
there may be some slight effect for some of the
earlier Minimed pumps - full results should be out
shortly, if my children and my work would just
stop making life quite so interesting and
time-consuming for a bit.

Regarding the basal delivery of the Minimed pumps, I
agree that it is less than optimal for people with
relatively low basal requirements. The 3 times an
hour calculation comes from the following - the
Minimed pumps divide the total basal requirement for
each hour into 0.1unit increments, and give these at
equal intervals through the hour. If you should only
need 0.1 unit in an hour, then this will be
delivered in only one pulse!!! One doesn't have to
be incredibly unusual to have low basal requirements
- from previous discussions on the subject, I know
that I'm not the only one here who has many hours
during the day with basal requirements 0.3 units
(i.e. on Minimed 3 pulses an hour) or less.

Regarding other pumps, in defence of my trusty
Cozmo, I must say that it is a very sturdy device
which hasn't given me any problems whatsoever in 3
and a half years - and I don't lead a particularly
staid lifestyle - so it seems to me that experience
of a Cozmo requiring attention every week is
extremely unusual (though highly troubling of

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