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Re: [IPk] Re:Animas vs Minimed Pump and other umps

The Spirit is not crap, it just depends what you want out of a pump!
It may not have as many bells and whistles as some of the other pumps 
but not everyone wants them. I have the Medtronic 522 but never use the 
bolus wizard, don't have the CGM, don't use the wireless monitor link or 
any download facility etc etc. I'd have no problems with the 
functionality of a Spirit, I think they look ugly though!
All the available pumps are good, it just depends what features you're 
interested in. But they all do the job way better than MDI (for most 
people anyway!). My first pump around 10 years ago had 1 basal profile, 
a maximum of something like 5 different basals throughout 24 hours, 
minimum increments of 0.1 units, no backlight, no vibrate options, and 
so on. And yet it was a million times better than MDI!

email @ redacted wrote:
>   Look at whats important to you, if you want
 > waterproofness and the ability to swap sets to a different make go for
 > if you want cgms go for minimed. do avoid accuchek pumps though ie the
> its crap!
>   Sammy
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