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[IPk] Re:Animas vs Minimed Pump and other umps

Hi Rachel

Hands down.. The Animas2020 is the most superior pump yet. My daughter has
pumped a Minimed 511 and 512 and then 4 years on a Cozmo. We switched to the
2020 in March and would never go back to either.
 We were having lots of issues with the Cozmo needed almost weekly
replacement pumps and had *over-delivery* issues..

*Dont go for the Minimed! *it's delivery method is seriously lacking!
It gives insulin pulses three times an hour rather than continuous
delivery (their website claims this better mimics the body!!!)
its* not water proof*,
its Insulin on Board calculator is also not accurate and has to be
MM customer care is often lacking... but

The real problem with the MM is the insulin cartridge, there is no leur lock
seal, so the cartridges leak and get bubbles all the time plus the cartidges
are notoriously hard to fill. You therefore get bad delivery problems and
sites will fail if pumped with air.. as the insulin oxidizes. I'm wondering
if the person who just ended up in A&E with DKA from bubbles is on a MM

Despite many reorts about he bubble problems MM haven't changed the design
of the pump or cartridge at all in the last 4 years as they have been
concentrating on developing the CMGS side of things which is also very
inaccurate (Sarah wore one last week for some research at her clinic and she
couldn't wait to get it off).

Because MM doesn't use the univeral leur lock system, you can only buy/order
 MM insertion sets and reservoirs from them and Sarah found their adhesive
to be itchy and short lasting, they started peeling after a day. With the
Animas you can use any insetion set (well except the MM ones).
We also looked at the Onmipod but you can't disconnect them for sports or
anything without having to do a complete pod change and new insulin as the
pod is all in one... I dont think they are yet available in the UK

The Spirit is really basic, no IOB calculator, only 0.1 basals and delivery
and the Cozmo is better than the Spirit and MM. So that leaves the Animas.

 *Big advantages of the 2020.*

** waterproof

smallest pump on market: neat more slimline shape.

very robust

very easy to fill bubble free cartridges (but only holds 200 units)

excellent IOB (insulin on board) calculator- we rely on the pump for all

Very accurate delivery and quick alerts for no delivery

basals in 0.025 increments and bolus 0.05

Has carb counter database that you can customise with own meals and carbs.-
takes about 500 different foods, which you customise to your own normal
portion sizes.

Variable target ranges throughtout day, so we target Sarah to 7mmol at
nights and 6  during the day.

target ranges - so can have range set between say 5.5 and 7 rather than an
absolute numbers

Takes a lithium battery (supplied free by Animas) which lasts months rather
than weeks (2 changes since Sarah started a few months back - depsite
regular downloading)

*Sarah likes...*

Nice colour screen

pump comes in pink!

ability customise and download tunes for alerts

Download software integrates with the One Touch blood machines.

Using the same insertion sets as the Cozmo (Comforts)

*Much* Better Bgs since being on the 2020
 Animas are working with Dexcom and their cmgs will be integrated into the
pump next year.

Sarah is also on a Dexcom. Her HbA1c has dropped from 7% to 6.6% in about 6

 The only drawbacks with the animas are very minor; having to do more
frequent cartridge changes, but having said that, Sarah can do one in 2 or 3
minutes very easily. It also doesn't show the total bolus amount broken down
between food and adjustment bolues, but this is no big deal. You also have
to disconnect to do a battery change, but having said that you only change
the lithium battery infrequently.

 I really think the Animas is the best pump. Sarah wouldn't go back to the
MM or Cozmo even if you paid her!
Hope that helps

Karen Persov. Mum to Sarah age 11.5, diabetic 10 yrs, hypothyroid 2 yrs -
now proudly pumping Animas2020 and monitoring with a Dexcom and One Touch
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