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Re: [IPk] Basal/bolus ratios

If anyone ever tells you there's a correct ratio for basal/bolus, ignore 
It depends on many different factors - how active you are, whether you 
eat high or low carbs, and just how *your* body works!
I've never even heard of a 50:50 ratio before! I think most people have 
more basal than bolus but obviously it depends.

To add into the mix, I find that the better controlled I am, and the 
more exercise I do, the less basal I need, but my insulin/carb ratio 
tends to stay the same, so I need the same amount of bolus for the same 
food, but less basal.

At your clinic visit, just ask them WHY on earth you should change your 
ratio if you're getting better BG results? Why would you want to fix 
something that isn't broken? If it doesn't improve your BGs to do so, 
then WHY would you want to have a 50:50 ratio, what would that achieve? 
Can she show any documented evidence that having a ratio of 50:50 gets 
any better results or improves your health in any way??? Ask your DSN 
these questions (please, I'm dying to know what her response could 
possibly be!!!).

It really winds me up when people make up stupid rules like this and 
expect you to just go along with it!

Mary Moody wrote:
> I don't want this to seem like a problem - I now seem to be getting closer
> to the basals I need, however, all my boluses (boli?) have had to be cut
> back. I am sitting today at lunchtime with near perfect BGs since last night
> with basal at 63% and bolus at 37% on a total dose so far of 11,35 units.
> I'm certainly eating a bit less because of my stomach problems, and suspect
> this might not change a great deal. So, what is the point of the 50/50
> ratio? As Di said once, the body can't tell the difference between basal and
> bolus, it just knows that its getting insulin - but I suspect I will have
> some serious interrogations to go through at my next clinic visit if things
> stay more than 10% out of this supposed ideal range.
> Mary Moody
> .
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