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Re: Re[IPk] iron transfusion

Hi Deb

I am sorry you have had this diagnosis but hope that you will be able to 
feel a bit better in the near future.  Unfortunately, as you know, gastro 
paresis does not go away and I find it very difficult to live with.  My 
thoughts are with you.


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From: "deb.wardle123" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Friday, June 06, 2008 5:35 PM
Subject: Re: Re[IPk] iron transfusion

> Hi Helen
> It has taken three years to get a diagnosis, which they have said is 
> autonomic neoropathy. i have really poor digestion problems, and poor 
> eating habits, I don't mean a poor diet, just that i never seem to feel 
> hungry and as soon as i start to eat I feel full and don't want the food. 
> I loose weight so easily, 4lbs since Monday. I am hoping that now they 
> have confirmed what the problem is, medication can be arranged and things 
> should improve. I still have to have a couple of other tests before they 
> will prescribe medication but at least things are now moving in the right 
> direction. I have been in hospital 13 in the last three years and on each 
> occasion I have had a full blood count done, copies of which have gone to 
> my GP and no one has picked up on the fact that I am anemic and my blood 
> count has not been above 9 in that time. With the Iron transfusion and the 
> gasto problem diagnosed I am hoping things will get better.
> Deb
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> From: "Stehelndd" <email @ redacted>
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> Sent: Friday, June 06, 2008 10:14 AM
> Subject: Re[IPk] iron transfusion
>> Hi Deb
>> Sorry to hear you have what seems to be gastroparesis, too. I've missed 
>> some
>> mails/digests but have you been diagnosed with this? I've had problems 
>> for
>> many years and have in past been dx with colitis but this is in remission
>> now. I have since been fobbed off as having IBS and other things. I am 
>> now
>> being seen by another consultant after asking for a second opinion after 
>> my
>> digestive problems became worse and was losing weight scarily fast.. What
>> gets me is that not one consultant, even the diabetes consultant I see 
>> for
>> my pump, mentioned the fact that my gastric trouble could be due to
>> gastroparesis and I had never heard of this prior to this consultant 
>> saying
>> he thought it could be this on my first visit to him last year! I have
>> postural hypotension and the consultant picked up on this right away and
>> said it is common for gastroparesis due to nerve damage and postural
>> hypotension due to neuropathy to go hand in hand. I have no other
>> complications, ie: kidney/eye damage. I have now seen the dietician
>> regarding this and she has referred me to the diabetes dietician who she
>> says will have more experience with this. But she gave me a diet sheet,
>> which helped, but I have an added problem in that I am lactose 
>> intolerant,
>> too, so eating out is hard. I have been advised to eat a soft/liquid 
>> diet. I
>> find this very hard. It was our 20th anniversary on Wednesday and we went
>> out for a meal. Most dishes had cheese/cream on..no go! The only option 
>> was
>> a steak. So I had that. And boy have I paid for it since! (It was good at
>> the time, though!)
>> I have had some tests, bloods, gastroscopy, barium enema, barium meal,
>> basically to rule out any other pathology. The consultant said this left 
>> the
>> only option of gastroparesis. It does fit. It takes me seven hours to 
>> digest
>> rice/pasta! And I am not absporbing the nutrients from food leaving me a 
>> bit
>> anemic. He gave me some fortijuice but I find it ghastly!
>> I hope you feel better soon..
>> Helen
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