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Re: [IPk] was cortisone injections - slightly off-topic to Stuart!

Hi Jackie
Sorry for hi-jacking this thread...B  But I'm getting some of these blasted
'B's in my e-mails!B  One thing that I have notice is that the e-mails that
seem to suffer this inclusion have in common either a BT or yahoo mail
address, I wonder whether it's something to do with there servers?B  as BT and
Yahoo are both linked together Yahoo providing service to BT?

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From: Jackie Jacombs <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Friday, 6 June, 2008 8:57:33 PM
Subject: RE: [IPk] was cortisone injections - slightly off-topic to Stuart!

Hi Stuart

Why do your emails have lots of "B" in them.B  Just curious?


> Hi all,
> Hilly,BB  I found that the cotisone injections work for my trigger finger
> well and so far I have only had to have an injection in each index and
> finger.
> I fully apreciate what Melissa is saying that it dosent sort the underlying
> problem, but for me it has helped a great deal,B I have found that I can
> quite quick again, which as you can apreciate being a computer techie is
> important to me, and I can also hold a pen and a knife and fork again.
> I also had Physio for my fingers and wrists whichB I did find helped a
> although it was a bit painful at the time.
> My consultant has said that if my fingers start to lock up again, so far my
> index fingers have been lock free since october (when I had the injections)
> that I will need to have a small operation which will probably be done as
> surgery.
> I fully agree with Melissa taht if you are having sevre problems susch as
> being ableB to open a packet of crisps, you really do need to get refered
> this will be having an impact on your quality of live.
> I found that getting my Diabetic consultant to refer me worked quicker than
> getting my GP to.
> I hope you get it sorted soon. I know how frustrating it is to loose the
> of your hands, it makes even simple things hard. (I rember supporting the
> scouts in a swimming Gala and trying to make a thumbs up gesture, and
> because I could not make a fist, LOL).Stuart Chadwick.
> Diabetic T1 19 Years, Paradigm 715 user 1 year 4 months, Carelink user, and
> occasional CGMS User.

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