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No Subject

Hi Irene ,
B B B  hope you are well ,sorry to hear about Gerry's kidney stones tell him
we are thinking about him (butB but not when he is passing them ).
The latest news about Jim is the consultant reckons that his bowel has healed
,but the section of the bowl that has healed has narrowedB ,so he is taking
him in to hospital for investigation on the 26Th of June to see what the next
step is .HeB said that they may be able to inflate the bowel with a small
balloon and hopefully that would workB ,if not it means another major op and
one which he hopes he will not haveB to do (so do i as we just seem to be
getting nowhere ).But we must keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best
.He will only be going in to hospital for the day and then he can discuss the
outcome .
I Will look forward to seeing photos when you get them of your beautiful
gran-daughterB .
My Mum seems to be doing well at the moment but i am finding it hard to deal
with as time goes on
we try to cheer each other up when we speak and sound so positive but when she
is alone who knows??.
AnywayB  great to hear from you and have a great weekend .
B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B  Love
AudreyB B xx

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