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[IPk] Think like a Pancreas and Gastroparesis

Amazon told me I should have Think Like a Pancreas Tues/Wed.


For years I have suspected I have gastroparesis and have had a few episodes
of vomiting each time accompanied by a collapse. Yesterday I vomited at work
(poor souls who had to sort out the mess) and completely collapsed. They
called the paramedics who couldn't get my BP to rise - they said they were
going to book me into A&E as "BP in her boots and looking really ropey"! It
took almost 3 hours for my BP to come up again. I have felt horrible today
and have just slept all afternoon. They asked me if I suffered from
gastroparesis, but what interested me "yugh" was the fact that I vomited
some porridge I had had at lunchtime the day before. My lunch today is still
lying in my stomach. I'm really worried. I suppose one good thing about it
was I had all the checks, heart, etc and they are fine. Not quite sure what
to do . Pump consultant put in the letter following my initial pump
appointment that I "might have some gastroparesis. I get the feeling that
because there is not a lot they can do, they just try to ignore it.


Mary Moody
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