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RE: [IPk] Free Contour Meter offer

To tell you the truth I haven't noticed any change in battery life either way.
Since the meter either transmits or doesn't, depending on the model, I imagine
it's battery life is effected some, but it's not enough to notice really. I
think the battery in my BD meter lasted 6 months or so at least. I can only
remember trying to chase down the funky watch style battery a couple of

As for the pump, I didn't notice any change at all in battery life. It's not
enough to stand out at least. With the way I use my pump I normally get almost
a month or so per battery. Which, if I remember correctly is about what I was
getting when I was using the BD wireless meter.
Not a very scientific answer, but, it is observational. The difference between
using a wireless meter and not, in regards to battery life of the pump, falls
into the background noise category. It just doesn't make a big enough
difference to stand out. Rich

> Subject: RE: [IPk] Free Contour Meter offer> From: email @ redacted> To:
email @ redacted> Date: Fri, 6 Jun 2008 15:59:18 +0100> > Insulin
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you have actual experience of these, can you tell me how the wireless> link
affects battery life? I imagine that it must shorten it somewhat,> but by ow
much? If it means I have to change the battery every few days> instead of
every few weeks, then I don't think it is worth it,> especially as I would
lose the ketone blood testing ability my current> meter has.> > Tom> > On Fri,
2008-06-06 at 01:36 -0700, Rich Hickey wrote:> > I imagine the catch is that
the test strips cost pence to the dozen to make> > and they are charged at
pounds to the dozen. It's the same racket as inkjet> > printers. The printers
are sold at below manufacturing cost so that the> profit> > can be made off of
the ink.> > > > Even though the strips are covered under prescription the
company selling> them> > gets paid by the NHS. So, giving away the meter for
free is an up front> > expense, but they make the money back, and more, off of
the test strips.> > > > I've used a similar device in the US since I started
using the Paradigm pump.> > There it was the BD meter with the wireless
interface. It's nice to poke your> > finger and have the pump automagically
know the blood sugars. It's definitely> > not a must have, but it is a nice
convenience.> > > > > > Rich> > > > > > > > > From: email @ redacted>
To: email @ redacted> Subject:> > [IPk] Free Contour Meter offer>
Date: Fri, 6 Jun 2008 09:29:55 +0100> >> > Yesterday I received an offer
through the post (addressed to the hospital I>> > attend for my diabetes care
and then my address underneath, albeit the wrong>> > number house...) offering
me a free Contour Link blood glucose meter. Now, I>> > am not used to getting
anything for nothing and have always had to pay for>> my> > meters. (I
currently am on my third Aviva). The letter and info came from>> > Medtronic.
It says this meter can link up to my pump. I am looking for the>> > catch in
this..can't see an obvious one. Has anyone else had this offered to>> > them?
If so, is there a catch? I can only think that maybe the strips aren't>> >
available on prescription or are hard to get. Haven't checked that out.>> >
Interested to hear of your experiences with this meter and if this offer is>>
> as good as it sounds.> Regards> Helen> Type 1 for 33yrs> (Paradigm) pump 4>
> years> Gatroparesis just diagnosed..struggling!> .>> >
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