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Re[IPk] iron transfusion

Hi Deb
Sorry to hear you have what seems to be gastroparesis, too. I've missed some
mails/digests but have you been diagnosed with this? I've had problems for
many years and have in past been dx with colitis but this is in remission
now. I have since been fobbed off as having IBS and other things. I am now
being seen by another consultant after asking for a second opinion after my
digestive problems became worse and was losing weight scarily fast.. What
gets me is that not one consultant, even the diabetes consultant I see for
my pump, mentioned the fact that my gastric trouble could be due to
gastroparesis and I had never heard of this prior to this consultant saying
he thought it could be this on my first visit to him last year! I have
postural hypotension and the consultant picked up on this right away and
said it is common for gastroparesis due to nerve damage and postural
hypotension due to neuropathy to go hand in hand. I have no other
complications, ie: kidney/eye damage. I have now seen the dietician
regarding this and she has referred me to the diabetes dietician who she
says will have more experience with this. But she gave me a diet sheet,
which helped, but I have an added problem in that I am lactose intolerant,
too, so eating out is hard. I have been advised to eat a soft/liquid diet. I
find this very hard. It was our 20th anniversary on Wednesday and we went
out for a meal. Most dishes had cheese/cream on..no go! The only option was
a steak. So I had that. And boy have I paid for it since! (It was good at
the time, though!)
I have had some tests, bloods, gastroscopy, barium enema, barium meal,
basically to rule out any other pathology. The consultant said this left the
only option of gastroparesis. It does fit. It takes me seven hours to digest
rice/pasta! And I am not absporbing the nutrients from food leaving me a bit
anemic. He gave me some fortijuice but I find it ghastly!
I hope you feel better soon..
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