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RE: [IPk] Free Contour Meter offer

I imagine the catch is that the test strips cost pence to the dozen to make
and they are charged at pounds to the dozen. It's the same racket as inkjet
printers. The printers are sold at below manufacturing cost so that the profit
can be made off of the ink.

Even though the strips are covered under prescription the company selling them
gets paid by the NHS. So, giving away the meter for free is an up front
expense, but they make the money back, and more, off of the test strips.

I've used a similar device in the US since I started using the Paradigm pump.
There it was the BD meter with the wireless interface. It's nice to poke your
finger and have the pump automagically know the blood sugars. It's definitely
not a must have, but it is a nice convenience.


> From: email @ redacted> To: email @ redacted> Subject:
[IPk] Free Contour Meter offer> Date: Fri, 6 Jun 2008 09:29:55 +0100> >
Yesterday I received an offer through the post (addressed to the hospital I>
attend for my diabetes care and then my address underneath, albeit the wrong>
number house...) offering me a free Contour Link blood glucose meter. Now, I>
am not used to getting anything for nothing and have always had to pay for> my
meters. (I currently am on my third Aviva). The letter and info came from>
Medtronic. It says this meter can link up to my pump. I am looking for the>
catch in this..can't see an obvious one. Has anyone else had this offered to>
them? If so, is there a catch? I can only think that maybe the strips aren't>
available on prescription or are hard to get. Haven't checked that out.>
Interested to hear of your experiences with this meter and if this offer is>
as good as it sounds.> Regards> Helen> Type 1 for 33yrs> (Paradigm) pump 4
years> Gatroparesis just diagnosed..struggling!> .>
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