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[IPk] Wireless meter link to pump

Can anyone clarify for me - I heard from a colleague (who heard it from a
Sales rep at a pump workshop 2 days ago) that there is a BG meter that will
send a wireless transmission of BG readings from the meter to the Medtronic
Paradigm pumps. The rep said that letters would be sent out to Paradigm users
soon. I searched on the net and found that the Lifescan UltraLink BG meter
does this and is being supplied free to all US users of Medtronic Paradigm
pumps! So I phoned Medtronic UK with glee thinking I might get one too (I
currently use the Lifescan UltraSmart which uses the same test strips).
Medtronic told me that in the UK there is some sort of deal with Bayer's
Contour Link machine (similar wireless function), not Lifescan's. I phoned
Lifescan to check and got the same message and was told you couldn't obtain
the UltraLink machine over here. Medtronic told me that some of their
customers had been written to about the Contour Link meter but it seems I
wasn't one of the chosen!
Does anyone have any up to date information or experience of this situation? I
would prefer to get the Lifescan Ultralink as I already use the correct
strips, machine but the ContourLink would be good as an alternative. On
Bayer's website they do not mention the 'Contour Link', only the 'Contour'.
How could I get hold of a ContourLink??
Any comments would be useful - thanks.

Fiona Hunt
Type 1; Dx Nov 1993, pumping Paradigm 522 since Mar 2007; previously MDI


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