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Re: [IPk] iron transfusion

> Hi Deb

I have been having these done every six months for the last few years due
to renal anaemia from my chronic kidney failure. Like Jackie said, they
give you a test dose and then the full amount over a period of about two
hours. My letter always says it takes 3-4 hours but it never takes that
long. They said it used to but they can give it quicker now. At Newcastle
Freeman Hospital, where I go, there are usually about six people all
having the same thing done and you can have someone sit with you if you
want although I never have (Billy No-mates!) The only thing they ask is
how much you weigh so they can work out the mount to give you.

Best wishes

Hi all
> I saw the consultant again at the hospital today and he has confirmed,
> after
> test results that I have Autonomic neuropathy. that is the reason behind
> my
> eating problems, feeling full all the time , feeling sick and actulay
> being
> sick most days. Weight loss of nearly four stone. Also he has said that my
> HB
> levels are still 8 despite being on iron tablets and that my ferritin and
> folate levels are low. Because of this he is arranging me to have an iron
> transfusion. Has anybody had this done?
> Thanks
> Deb
> .
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