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Re: [IPk] starting on the pump tomorrow

Thank you Mike, at the moment I think that I need all the luck I can get....
I had decided that I would take my mind off things and clean the car!B  Found
out why my central locking as been a bit sluggish lately one flat battery
ahhhhhhhhB  I've managed to get the thing out and have put it put it on
charge, but for the life of me I can't remember whether on the battery charger
if while it's charging whether the power light showed be on or not?B  And if
it will charge enough for tomorrow?B  As I will need the car to get to the
hospital...B  I shall pop into my neighbour in a minute and ask Tony what he
thinks, perhaps he might give me a lift down to the garage so that I can buy a
new battery!B 
I can feel on of those 'why is it always me'? moments coming....

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Sent: Tuesday, 3 June, 2008 4:29:07 PM
Subject: Re: [IPk] starting on the pump tomorrow

Just a few words to wish you all the best with your pump. I'm a pumper for 4
years now and it has made a massive impact on my life. I'm sure it will do
the same for you. It has certainly made life a lot simpler and easier to
handle for me and improved my HbA1c's dramatically. Good luck tomorrow. -

> Hi all
> B
> Well, after 18 months of fighting and moaning at consultants I finally
> start
> pumping tomorrow ;-) gulp....
> B
> I've been throught the training video that came with the starter pack that
> Rouche sent (being given the Accu-Chek Spirit)BB  So no worries about how
> to
> get around the pumps menu and set things up in theory!!!BB  I've got the
> letter
> from the DSN to say what I need to do with my back ground insulin
> tonight...B
> I will be using insulin in the pump from the start (a bigger) gulp.....B
> Also
> what is planned for the 2 days of training........
> B
> Today I feel that my mind is in a bit of a whirl...BB  It doesn't quite
> believe
> that it is going to happen, I've spent the last week expecting a phone
> call or
> letter to say that they've pulled the plug and that I won't be starting on
> the
> pump tomorrow.... to the extent that I had a migraine after a very
> sleepless
> night on Sunday ahhhhh.....
> B
> I've seemed to have waylaid my fears that I had of having the pump running
> overnight while I'm asleep as Les rightfully pointed out, that I inject BI
> insulin before I go to bed so it be no difference with the pump....B
> B
> I think the worst part at the moment is I'm sat here on my own this
> afternoon,
> and have to wait until 10 before Les gets home from his afternoon shift,
> so
> I'm a bit like a cat on a hot tin roof at the moment....
> B
> Jo
> .
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