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[IPk] Think Like A Pancreas

Hi Melissa

I have tried to buy 'Think Like A Pancreas' but can only find it on 
Amazon.com which takes a while to arrive.  It is not listed on 'Books to 
help with diabetes' on Insulin pumpers UK.  Do you (or does anyone else) 
know if book shops over here stock it?  (Don't want an unnecessary trip to 

Many thanks,


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From: "Melissa Ford" <email @ redacted>
To: <email @ redacted>
Sent: Monday, June 02, 2008 8:49 PM
Subject: Re: [IPk] Help with basals needed

> Hi Mary
> First thing is you should probably repeat the morning basal test..if
> you have to abandon a basal test, you really gotta redo it to get
> valid data, so say Gary Scheiner, John Walsh, etc.
> Second, if you're seeing a rise from 5ish to 11ish in the period from
> 11 am to 1:40 pm, that probably indicates a real lack of basal. I
> would try upping it by 0.1 per hour, starting from 10 am (because it
> is good to start the changed rate in advance of the observed
> phenomenon, so as to prevent the phenomenon occurring), going until 2
> pm. If you go hypo at 3 pm from this, then you might need the higher
> rate just from 10 am to 1 pm. Everyone is different so there's every
> possibility that you're relatively insulin resistant later in the
> morning, even into early afternoon, while many people would say they
> are relatively insulin resistant until say 10 am. Just as long as you
> find something that works!
> If you see a less dramatic rise between 11 and 1:40 based on upping
> your basal by 0.1, then try upping it by another 0.1 at a time until
> it seems fixed. If you get a hypo after one of the increases of 0.1,
> then you might want to try reducing it by a 0.05 increment  to
> fine-tune.
> Does this make sense? Speaking of Gary Scheiner, his book _Think Like
> a Pancreas_ has the most detailed, clearest instructions on basal rate
> testing that I have seen!
> Hope this helps a bit - let us know if not.
> Melissa
> Type 1 15+ years; MiniMed pumper 7.5 years; Animas pumper 4.5 years
> PS To everyone who wants to know: I e-mailed John Walsh a few weeks
> ago and have not heard back from him yet. I am sure I will see him at
> the American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions, for which I am
> flying to San Francisco this Thursday (18 to 20 hour workdays Friday
> through Monday, just 6 hours of work on Tuesday... but don't expect
> much correspondence from me until at least the 20th!)
> On Mon, Jun 2, 2008 at 4:19 PM, Mary Moody <email @ redacted> 
> wrote:
> .
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