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Re: [IPk] Welcome to Peter Simunovic

Hi Steve

People are indeed struggling to get pumps, but there IS sufficient money
in the NHS for pumper's needs.  If anyone is being refused a pump on
cost grounds, please contact INPUT - either pump guru himself John
Davis, or me.  It won't usually be sorted immediately, but it will be


steve baker wrote:

>There is no money in the NHS. That is why people are struggling to get
>pumps. It's nothing to do with meeting criteria any more. I'm very lucky to
>have a pump, but now that I have one i feel so much better. If you can
>afford it buy one yourself. Best of luck. Sorry it's grim news.
>On 6/29/06, Diana Maynard <email @ redacted> wrote:
>>Hi Peter
>>Welcome to the group.
>>You need to get a pump-supportive consultant!  Where do you live /
>>attend clinic?  And in what way is your current consultant not
>>supportive?  Does he not think pumps are good for anyone, or does he
>>think it won't help you specifically?
>>Best wishes
>>Peter Simunovic wrote:
>>>Peter Simunovic <email @ redacted>
>>>My name is Peter Simunovic- Type 1 diabetic for 26 years. Croatian born,
>>>married British girl 20 yrs ago and have two children. Due to length of
>>>condition control has been difficult - recently had two toes amputated
>>>grateful that I still have my foot!!] Although caught MRSA at hospital
>>>which of
>>>course did not help. Currently trying to get the Pump therapy but
>>>helpful at all although I meet the NICE criteria exactly. Finding it
>>>stressful to move forward - consultant still wishing to 'experiement' by
>>>altering insulin dose etc however this has gone on for a long time.
>>>Looking for
>>>any advice. Just like Rachel I support Manchester Utd.
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