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Re: [IPk] DAFNE courses in the UK: free foods?

Yes I'd rather eat natural than processed foods, but my number 1 
priority is to keep my BG stable, and so I'd rather use sweetener than 
sugar because it has an absolutely predictable effect on my BG (it does 
nothing).  Until I see government health warnings about sweeteners I'll 
keep drinking my vodka and diet Coke! Vodka and water just doesn't taste 
as good :-)


email @ redacted wrote:

>I'm generally cynical about preocessed foods in general- either too high in  
 >carbs or trans fats. I'm also a bit edgey about the sweetners and other things
> added to diet drinks although I understand the recent scare re aspartame and 
> cancer has been refuted- I worry about the other ingredients (phosphates) 
 >added to diet drinks and their effects on bone health. Used to be a pepsi max
>addict  but now find it quite sickly - tend to stick to the occasional diet 
>drink only  and mainly drink tea, coffee, water and red wine (well if I can't 
>have some  vices)
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