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Re: [IPk] xylitol

I just wanted to say that I have met three excellent dieticians( rare but
they do exist).
All would concede that brown rice syrup is preferable to sugar and that
sugar is preferable to artificial sweeteners. On getting the pump so many
"experts" congraduated us agreeing that a huge advantage was to be in a
position to avoid sweeteners especially in young children.

My son has numerous allergies. In the early days it was a nightmare
especially since all the "qualified experts" we met along the way couldn't
cope with how sensitive he was.. We had to find our own way. Our main
guidance came from what we considered was the "canary" factor in Brian
himself. Like down the mines he alerted us to the purity to certain foods.
For example organic butter from Tescos own range caused a significant
reaction but another brand they carried didn't. We have an industrial water
filter on our house as he couldn't even cope with foods cooked in ordinary
I watch this discussion replay at intervals here. My "expertise" comes from
a Mum watching a child in serious crisis on the few occassions in his life
that he has had sweeteners. Keeping him "clean" from any sensitivities was
hard work. It was a long and laborious route. We were condemned so many
times for being irresponsible as we believed he was unable to take steroids
etc. We were treated as cranks , If they could have taken Brian into care
they would have. Then a Doc thought to test Brian for steroids and
We were often asked to detail his intolerance's and although we were
challenged on some. Sweeteners were never. In fact one Doctor said "if he is
that sensitive what the hell were you thinking giving him aspartame?"
Brian has varying reactions depending on what seems toxic to his system.
Brian would only get tiny amounts of sweetener as he tended to react very
quickly. This would alert us to him having gotten them by
accident.Sweeteners made him a mess. Like a kid in the height of an acute
illness. Lethargic, skin broken down. Sensations in his mouth. Blackened
eyes. Compromised breathing.
Now ten, Brian is a different child. Doctors that see him now have
difficulty believing he was ever as ill. They concede that pure diet account
for him being so healthy.
Looking back, for me sweeteners were the equivalent of giving him poison.
Having had years of trying to connect with "experts" I was devastated to be
back in relationship with the system when Grace was diagnosed.
I can still feel the pain in my heart when the dietician announced with
great enthusiasm. "Grace can have sunny delight and sugar free jjelly"
In extremes like my sons allergies and with D. there is a real risk of
becoming obsessive so I check in whenever the opportunity arises as to
whether my positions hold validity. I have been reassured on a number of
occassions by both  alternative practitioners and "experts" that avoiding
sweeteners is definitely preferable for my daughter. That's enough for me
and I thank God everyday for the pump allowing me do that. When Grace didn't
have the pump I believed it was more important for her to feel included at
parties etc and gave her sugar free stuff as I think attitude and emotional
wellbeing is vital to health too.

For me Diabetes is one of those conditions that renders a powerlessness and
people deal with that in different ways. For me it is to reclaim my power in
any way possible. Mostly like a  lioness protecting her cub. For others it's
to create freedom from the fear of Diabetes ruling our lives. There are lots
of studies that show that the level of joy and peace you feel is as
important as what we put into our bodies........................
So, I think we can only be "experts" in our own lives. Statistics carry
little dependability when there are huge financial concerns in the

I love that the pump got Grace away from long acting insulin and sweeteners.
Lads we are all on the same side. Coincidentally there is a full day
conference on sweeteners coming up in Dublin soon. I noticed a flyer for it
today. The main concern was the contributing factor to Alzheimer's etc.
Hey the joys!

Wishing everyone the very best
Mumto grace 7yrs pumping 19mths
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From: "Adrian Miller" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: 28 June 2006 09:30
Subject: RE: [IPk] xylitol
> Hi Michele
> By the same token why would you give aspartame to rats (it took much
> doses of aspartame in rats to illicit cancer than the quantity of Xylitol
> be fatal in dogs). Xylitol is clinically proven to cause bloating and
> diarrhoea in humans.
> Unfortunately in the UK any one can call themselves a Nutritional
> - the only food qualification regulated for clinical practice is that of a
> Dietician - which requires four years of study and clinical practice
> to state registration. My understanding is that Patrick Holford only has
> formal training in Psychology?
> Please do correct me if I am wrong.
> Adrian
> >But why would you want to give gum to dogs? Chocolate can make them very
> >ill too, but I wasn't talking about pets, my family all use xylitol, it's
> >good for our teeth and my husband has stopped getting hypos since
> >sugar in his tea for xylitol.
> >Sure Patrick has an interest in selling his books, but like Dr Plaskett
> >is a leading nutritional therapist, and you just have to get past the
> >promotional bit and benefit by his knowledge. (one of the best books I
> >is his 'Optimum Nutrition for the Mind')
> >I was merely comparing 'natural' to 'chemical'.
> .
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