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[IPk] Re: [IPn] A new newsletter for YOU (maybe?)

Hi Michael n' all....

I've done the survey (and given my $ to insulin pumpers - some more $$$
are coming your way via CAF, too)

There was no 'any other comments' box in the survey, so I wonder if you
would mind feeding this back to the person who set it up:

I am VERY annoyed that you describe me as 'an intensively managed
diabetic' (at least, I think I am the person you are describing!).

Who do you THINK does the managing??? I do!  Not a doctor, not a nurse,
not the excellent IP-uk group ... ME!  I am 'an intensively managing
diabetic' _or_ 'a person who intensively manages their diabetes'.

Do you know _anyone_, other than a child, whose diabetes is 'intensively
managed' by someone else???? If so, please can I swap lives with them???
Just for  a couple of weeks?  Or the odd weekend?  Or even an afternoon
or two?

Somehow, I think that I have a fundamental difference of opinion with
the editorial board ... (but if they would like me to write an opinion
piece, I'd be up for that!)



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>Hello Pumpers and Friends,
>One of our members  writes about the diabetes industry for those who
>work in the field. She is thinking about putting together another
>newsletter for intensively managed patients, and is trying to learn 
>more about whether this is a good idea, what people might like to see, 
>and so forth. The newsletter would be specifically for people who 
>manage their diabetes pretty aggressively and are very motivated to be 
>in great shape. She has prepared a survey to help guide the process and 
>your input would be greatly appreciated. 
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Pat Reynolds
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   "It might look a bit messy now, 
                    but just you come back in 500 years time" 
   (T. Pratchett)
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