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RE: [IPk] artificial sweetners

Patrick, Michele

My view on artificial sweeteners is more or less the same as Melissa's .  I use
sweeteners in tea and coffee but rarely if ever drink diet drinks, because I
dont like soda/fizzy drinks anyway. I do not have diabetes. The old saccharine
tables used to leave an after taste but I dont find this with aspartame.

My daughter who had diabetes drinks diet cola and so do her sisters, but they
dont drink more than one can  can a day and drink water mostly.  I dont use
artificial sweeteners in cooking because there is no need as we can bolus for
them successfully.

 Michele, I dont think that because something is "natural" that it less likely
be harmful.  Xylitol can be extermely harmful to dogs causing hypoglycaemia.


There are plenty of "natural" plants/substances around that are highly toxic.
Being natural does not necessarily mean safe.

Most of  Patrick Holford's  websites appear to show a lots of adverts trying to
market his books and to sell expensive supplements and make lots of money doing

Jackie mum of Sasha

> Hi Michele and Melissa,
> Thanks for responding to my request for more information.
> The information you both have provided is certainly useful information.
> God Bless
> Patrick.
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> Sent: Monday, June 26, 2006 8:32 PM
> Subject: [IPk] artificial sweetners
> >
> > Hi Patrick,
> > my view on artificial sweetners is to avoid them, and not to give my
> family
> > any foods containing aspartame. The only sugar substitute I use is Xylitol
> as
> > it is made from birch sap, has little carbohydrate and is natural. Patrick
> > Holford is the one whose lectures I attended on the subject of both.
> Aspartame
> > is a neurotoxin and not good for anyone who might have mental issues (ADDH
> > etc)
> > One website I found is www.holisticmed.com/aspartame and Patrick writes
> about
> > it a lot in his books.
> > Michele (nutritional therapist)
> > .

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