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RE: [IPk] DAFNE and fruity free foods...

>Don't mind these rants from a crusty diabetic who dislikes the idea
>of producing weighing scales in public, but has been struggling
>with it as an attractive thought since starting pump. Invisible
>weighing scales would be just perfect. See-through pump - even

Met Di Maynard for lunch in Manchester a few years ago. I was working
there on a temp computer contract. She was completing her PhD just down
the road. We met for lunch at the Eighth Day. When the food arrived, I
duly produced my (smallish) digitial scales from my bag!!! Di didn't know
where to put herself - this weirdo she'd met on the internet actually
weighing his food at the restaurant table! Has to be done, I grunted: next
time I will know how well boiled Eighth Day rice is...

Carb estimation is a funny old business. You get as good as you give. I
remember buying a filled roll that declared it contained 60g carb. No idea
where that carb might be, but if they claim it I'll beieve them. Did what
seemed a massive bolus, and had perfect after-lunch BG. There we are.

In the last year I've got *very* lax about carb counting: tend to give a
2-unit bolus for everything, and pick up the pieces later. No idea why
I've got so lazy.

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