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Re: [IPk] DAFNE and fruity free foods...

Hiya Pat

I dont believe i had rouge instructors on my DAFNE
course maybe i didnt commumicate myself in the correct
mannor. I was mearly trying to say that some people
have to take 2 units of insulin for there ice cream
depending on carb value of course. My taking novo
rapid in my pump it really depends on rations for
myself anyway somtimes i only have a 1:1 ratio and
sometimes more. 

On the DAFNE course i attended is was specially for
young people there were 6 21 year olds a 14 year old
and a 17 year old. maybe that affected the way we were
taught it was more taylored to our needs i dont know
im begining to think that no matter what u have been
taught someone always has a better way why cant things
be simple.


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> I agree with Melissa - we are not talking about the
> rights or wrongs of
> DAFNE (we both agree that DAFNE is a good thing).
> What we are talking about is a couple of statements
> Kat made about what
> she had learned from DAFNE, which to the ears of
> several of us rang
> warning bells.  Maybe we misread what Kat wrote. 
> Maybe Kat did not
> communicate clearly or correctly what she had been
> taught.  Maybe Kat's
> instructors were not teaching DAFNE, but making up
> their own course.
> Could we not agree, Kat, that rogue instructors on
> DAFNE are a bad
> thing?  
> Cheers,
> Pat
> In message
> <email @ redacted>,
> Melissa P.
> Ford <email @ redacted> writes
> >
> >Hi Kath,
> >
> >I think I can see where Pat was coming from and
> where you are coming from. I 
> >don't think you're arguing like children, though.
> >
> >Pat is not attacking DAFNE. The point that Pat is
> making has to do with the 
> >reason why DAFNE is called DAFNE. It stands for
> 'dose adjustment for normal 
> >eating.' Dose adjustment is the most important
> thing that DAFNE is supposed 
> >to teach you. So if DAFNE were teaching instead
> that all people should 
> >always take the same amount of insulin for the same
> foods, that would go 
> >against all of its supposed principles!
> >
> >If you learned from doing DAFNE that you,
> personally, should take 1 unit of 
> >Humalog per 15 g. carbs, and your favourite ice
> cream just happens to have 
> >30 g. carbs per serving, then indeed, you probably
> need 2 units of Humalog 
> >for ice cream. Pat is making the same point that
> you are, which is that she 
> >(Pat) might need 1 unit of Humalog for 10 g carbs
> and thus 3 u. Humalog for 
> >the same portion of ice cream, while you would go
> hypo if you took that much 
> >insulin for the same portion. I think Pat thought
> that you meant the DAFNE 
> >instructor had written on the board in the
> classroom: "everyone needs 2 
> >units of Humalog for ice cream" rather than you
> (Kath) had learned from 
> >DAFNE that you personally need 2 units of Humalog
> for ice cream.
> >
> >Does this make sense? I am sure that the DAFNE
> instructor did not announce 
> >'all diabetics everywhere around the world always
> need 2 units of Humalog 
> >for ice cream' but that is one way that what you
> initially wrote could be 
> >interpreted. Sometimes we lose context and nuances
> in written communication.
> >
> >Melissa
> >Type 1 13 years; MiniMed pumper 7.5 years; Animas
> pumper 2.5 years
> >.
> -- 
> Pat Reynolds
> email @ redacted
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>                     but just you come back in 500
> years time" 
>    (T. Pratchett)
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