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Re: [IPk] DAFNE and fruity free foods...

I agree with Melissa - we are not talking about the rights or wrongs of
DAFNE (we both agree that DAFNE is a good thing).

What we are talking about is a couple of statements Kat made about what
she had learned from DAFNE, which to the ears of several of us rang
warning bells.  Maybe we misread what Kat wrote.  Maybe Kat did not
communicate clearly or correctly what she had been taught.  Maybe Kat's
instructors were not teaching DAFNE, but making up their own course.

Could we not agree, Kat, that rogue instructors on DAFNE are a bad



In message <email @ redacted>, Melissa P.
Ford <email @ redacted> writes
>Hi Kath,
>I think I can see where Pat was coming from and where you are coming from. I 
>don't think you're arguing like children, though.
>Pat is not attacking DAFNE. The point that Pat is making has to do with the 
>reason why DAFNE is called DAFNE. It stands for 'dose adjustment for normal 
>eating.' Dose adjustment is the most important thing that DAFNE is supposed 
>to teach you. So if DAFNE were teaching instead that all people should 
>always take the same amount of insulin for the same foods, that would go 
>against all of its supposed principles!
>If you learned from doing DAFNE that you, personally, should take 1 unit of 
>Humalog per 15 g. carbs, and your favourite ice cream just happens to have 
>30 g. carbs per serving, then indeed, you probably need 2 units of Humalog 
>for ice cream. Pat is making the same point that you are, which is that she 
>(Pat) might need 1 unit of Humalog for 10 g carbs and thus 3 u. Humalog for 
>the same portion of ice cream, while you would go hypo if you took that much 
>insulin for the same portion. I think Pat thought that you meant the DAFNE 
>instructor had written on the board in the classroom: "everyone needs 2 
>units of Humalog for ice cream" rather than you (Kath) had learned from 
>DAFNE that you personally need 2 units of Humalog for ice cream.
>Does this make sense? I am sure that the DAFNE instructor did not announce 
>'all diabetics everywhere around the world always need 2 units of Humalog 
>for ice cream' but that is one way that what you initially wrote could be 
>interpreted. Sometimes we lose context and nuances in written communication.
>Type 1 13 years; MiniMed pumper 7.5 years; Animas pumper 2.5 years

Pat Reynolds
email @ redacted
   "It might look a bit messy now, 
                    but just you come back in 500 years time" 
   (T. Pratchett)
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