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Re: [IPk] Hypo control

Hi Pat

Thanks for asking.  Yes, I got through last night OK.  When I went to bed it 
was 12.  At 5.00 am it was 5.5 and when I got up it was 5.2.  At present the 
answer is to go to bed with it high.  This was not so before 3 weeks ago and 
if it was high I would have given a correction.

I have been reading the messages from Melissa and yourself about continuous 
glucose measuring and given the chance I would love to try to for prevention 
but it will not give the reason why the insulin in there now and not 

I had not actually thought about the bottle of insulin.  I changed to a 
fresh one a few days ago.  One thing that strikes me is that I think this is 
a new supply of insulin.  I collected it a few weeks ago and it is kept in 
the bottom of the fridge.  I find it difficult to suspect that insulin 
strength would be different for any particular supply of insulin.  An 
interesting thought.

BTW, where does your husband usually take his glasses off?  I sometimes 
leave mine in the bathroom.  What is he able to do without them? (Sorry, I 
too ask the obvious questions!)


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> Hi June,
> How did it go?
> It seems to me that with the gasteoporosis slowing down the food, you
> are in a pretty unpredictable situation, and could do with continuous bg
> monitoring (which is available) and a faster insulin (which isn't).
> It did occur to me (since you said this has been going on for three
> weeks) is this related to a different bottle of insulin?  (I am reduced
> to asking the obvious you-would-have-looked-there questions, much as I
> have with my husband who has lost his glasses (both the new pair bought
> a few weeks ago, and the pair they replaced).  We have turned the sofa
> out four times, and not found anything other than some loose change. I
> hope it doesn't annoy you as much as it annoys him - in neither case
> intentional (and if anyone has any ideas where the glasses might be
> ...).
> Best wishes,
> Pat
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